According to 1912, the 'Perfect Woman' Is From Brooklyn, Weighs 171 Pounds, and Aspires to Be a Dirt Farmer

On December 21, 1912, the New York Times published a profile of "The Perfect Girl": a size 14 wannabe-vegetable farmer who loved beefsteak and, by her own admission, literally did not know what fear was:

"She has never taken a drink of tea or coffee in her life, and keeps regular hours. She says she has never been ill and doesn't know what fear is."

Like all bullshitters who aspire to become artisanal farmers she was from Brooklyn.

Elsie Scheel was a student at Cornell when it was discovered that her measurements (5'7", 171 lbs; 34.6 inch chest, 30.3 inch waist, and 40.4 inch hips) were "remarkably similar" to those of the Venus de Milo.


You can see a portrait and artist's rendering of her nude form here, if you're kinky.

[Scheel's story was first mentioned by the Bowery Boys NYC history podcast, then picked up by Gothamist // Image via NYT]