Cop Who Busted Fred Willard in Adult Theater Catches Nick Stahl 'Committing Lewd Act' in Sex Shop

Nick Stahl was arrested last night after LAPD vice officers working undercover allegedly caught him pleasuring himself inside a sex shop in Hollywood.

Police say the actor was inside the store's private porn-viewing booth committing a lewd act. He was taken into custody and booked on misdemeanor lewd conduct.

Stahl was released a short time later, only to be confronted by TMZ cameras outside the police station.


The Carnivàle star, who went missing a number of times earlier this year before reuniting with his wife in July and entering rehab for substance abuse, claimed the entire thing was just a "misunderstanding."

TMZ also notes that one of the cops who brought Stahl in was also responsible for interrupting Fred Willard's visit to an adult movie theater in mid-July.


[photo via Getty]