Two Greenwich Village residents – described by neighbors as "very friendly...hippie types" – were arrested Saturday morning after the NYPD discovered a stash of high-powered explosives and other weapons in their walk-up apartment.

Morgan Gliedman, a 27-year old graduate of Manhattan's elite prep school Dalton and the daughter of one of New York Magazine's top doctors of 2012, was arrested along with her Harvard-educated boyfriend, Aaron Greene; both were charged with with felony possession of an explosive with intent to use and felony possession of a weapon, and Gliedman was also charged with four counts of felony grand larceny for credit card theft.

Along with a sawed-off shotgun — a customized 12-gauge Mossberg 500 — police discovered nine high-capacity rifle magazines, a flare launcher and a stash of a powerful powdered explosive called Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine, or HMTD, which was same explosive used in at least two prior terrorist attacks. The explosive is so powerful that, according to the New York Post, police evacuated several nearby apartments. Police also found "papers about creating homemade booby traps, improvised submachine guns, and various handwritten notebooks containing chemical formulas."

And, if all this wasn't exciting enough for you, Gliedman is reportedly 9-months-pregnant and, according to the New York Daily News, went into labor shortly after her arrest.

[Image of Morgan Gliedman vis Facebook]