Newton, Massachusetts, is consistently voted among the safest cities in America. So it's no wonder, then, that police officers have plenty of time for extracurricular activities.

Like egging the home of a superior officer who lives in a neighboring town.

According to a report by police in Framingham, a call came in during the early morning hours of Tuesday, December 11, alerting officers to the presence of at least two male teenagers outside a local residence.

The concerned citizen claimed the teens had egged a house on Griffin Road before fleeing the scene in a red car.

Police caught up with the vehicle a short while later, only to find it occupied by two off-duty officers from Newton who promptly confessed to egging the home of their sergeant.

"It was a prank, a joke between friends," one of the officers said, according to the police report.

Back at the residence, Framingham police discovered a third accomplice — also a Newton cop — still hanging around.

No charged were filed, and the homeowner said he would deal with the incident "internally."

[photo via copcar dot com]