Monday morning, the internet was abuzz with word that Brad Pitt, celebrity father, has joined Chinese Twitter, Sina Weibo. Even more exciting was his first message to Chinese fans: "It is the truth. Yup, I'm coming…"

That message was particularly confusing, as it has been reported Pitt was banned from China after his appearance in Seven Years in Tibet, which chronicles Chinese atrocities in Tibet following World War II.

However, it appears now that the United Colors of Jolie-Pitt will not be taking a stand against the Chinese government, as the original message (pictured on the left) has been deleted.

So, are the Jolie-Pitts really China-bound? Or is Brad backing out? Establishing a pattern, Pitt did drop out of college (my alma mater) just short of graduation. He also dropped out of his marriage to water model Jennifer Aniston.

Regardless of outcome, Brad Pitt has learned a valuable lesson: you cannot #vaguetweet in a vacuum. Also, you are not actually Benjamin Button, get an updated avatar.

[Image via AP]