65 years ago, Betty Billadeau and her kid brother Clifford Boyson were torn apart by fate and sent to two different foster homes.

Clifford never gave up hope of finding his big sister, and, this week, his dedication finally paid off.

On a whim, Clifford asked Eddie Hanzlin, the 8-year-old son of a neighbor, to search for Betty on Facebook. Within a few days, Eddie gave Clifford the good news: He found his long-lost sibling.

Betty did her part too: The 70-year-old included her maiden name — Boyson — in her Facebook profile, which helped Eddie locate her.

"An eight-year-old; that's just mind boggling," said Billadeau, who plans to make the trip from Florissant, Missouri, to Davenport, Iowa this Saturday so she can give her brother a long-overdue hug.

[screengrab via KSDK]