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Last night, Oprah aired the first part of her interview with Lance Armstrong, who admitted to her that he took performance enhancing drugs for the entirety of his career. Of course, we already know that Armstrong had all types of blood and substances flowing through his veins during his record setting seven Tour de France titles (since stripped from him) because he's been outed by everyone from his ex-teammates to Sports Illustrated. So, what do you get when you admit to truths that have long been held as such by the public in a reportedly explosive interview? An interview that is pretty damn boring.

Armstrong came clean on a number of lies of which he had long been the only prominent truther. The first of which is the fact that he took drugs. A lot of drugs.

He took drugs while winning the Tour de France races that propelled him to fame and fortune beyond anything that anyone in his sport had ever come close to achieving.

Armstrong acknowledged that not only did he cheat, he was a mega-asshole to anyone that outed him as a cheater.

He admitted that shaming his disbelievers by asking them why they didn't believe in miracles was an incredibly arrogant and stupid thing to do.

He copped to bullying Betsy Andreu, a one-time confidant who has long refused to lie on Armstrong's behalf.

Aaaaand, that's about it. Out of a whole 90 minutes, mind you. Buzzfeed Sports has video, too, but trust that the tweets are as animated as Armstrong and Oprah were. The rest of the highlights are here:

[There was a video here]

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