Everyone — well, nearly everyone — was enthralled by Michelle Obama's ostensible shade-throwing in the direction of John Boehner during yesterday's Inauguration Day luncheon at the Capitol.

What could the Speaker have said to her husband to make FLOTUS flout Robert's Rules in such a flaw-free manner? The investigative hard-hitters at Inside Edition believe they have the answer.


With the help of their resident lip-reader Larry Wenig, the news magazine pored over footage of the First Lady's now-infamous eye-roll, and came back with the source of Mrs. Obama's dismissive response: A joke about her husband's erstwhile smoking habit.

According to Wenig, Boehner — a smoker — tapped the First Lady on the arm before asking President Obama if he had a cigarette after delivering his inauguration address. Obama, who reportedly quit smoking in 2010, makes an unseen reply, prompting Boehner to add, "somebody won't let you do it."


Good one. *eye roll*

UPDATE: Reached for comment, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel denied Inside Edition's theory, telling The Hill's In The Know blog it was "not true." But do the lips speak for themselves?