You may be able to quote the entirety of Rob Reiner's classic 1987 romcom The Princess Bride word for word, but the movie is entirely foreign to at least a few highly sensitive passengers aboard a recently Qantas flight from Sydney to Auckland.

New Zealand-born, Australia-based movie lover Wynand Mullins was only trying to show his love for the cult comedy when he put on a T-shirt emblazoned with arguably the film's most famous line, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

But the joke was lost on his fellow air travelers, who complained to the crew that Mullins' shirt was making them nervous.

"The flight attendant said to me: ‘Are you able to remove it because some of the passengers are quite intimidated by it,'" Mullins recalled to "I thought it was all a bit silly. The person next to me was laughing, because they knew the movie."

The situation appeared to resolve itself after the flight attendant went looking for a replacement T and never came back. But Mullins, who said he thought the reaction was "a bit over the top," says he had the distinct feeling "they had someone watching me the whole time."

Qantas released a statement saying it was not aware of this particular incident, but the airline "does have dress standards for passengers...particularly for slogans which other passengers may find offensive or threatening."


[H/T: The Sideshow, screengrab via YouTube, photo via Facebook]