Concerned that his poor grades might get him in trouble, an 11-year-old Spanish boy did what any kid his age would do when faced with the prospect of getting yelled at by mom and dad: He faked his own kidnapping.

Knowing that his parents were due to meet with his teacher on Monday, the boy sent a text message to his dad, a police officer in Xinzo de Limia, telling him that he had just been abducted.

When his father phoned him back, the tween said he had been stuffed into the trunk of a blue Seat and was being driven to points unknown. He then ended the conservation by faking phone interference.

A massive nationwide search was promptly launched, with multiple roadblocks set up around the province of Ourense.

Several news sites posted an Amber Alert in hopes of getting the public's help in tracking down the missing child.

The Spanish civil guard even contacted their counterparts in Portugal to let them know they should be on the lookout for kidnappers that may have crossed over from Spain.

After whipping the country into a frenzy for two straight hours, the kid's jig was finally up when his dad noticed that keys to the family's second apartment had gone missing.

Soon after he was found hiding there, and came clean about the whole "kidnapping" thing.

"It seems the parents were supposed to be meeting the class tutor that afternoon, something the boy was keen to avoid," a police spokesman told local media.

The civil guard likely won't pursue charges, calling the incident to "a childish prank."

[H/T: NewsFeed, photo via AP]