If someone testifies against you in court, there are a number of ways you can get back at them. Of course it should be noted that you should definitely not try and get back at them, unless you specifically want to deepen whatever legal trouble you're in. But anyway, the possibilities are almost truly infinite. You could, for instance, "swat" the person. Or you could dump a can of orange paint on the person's car. You could, I don't know, toss a watermelon through the person's front window.

But if you're Dr. Donald A. Holshuh of Keene, N.H., you'll go to the person's office and... piss on his door. Yep, that's what you'll do. Not only that, you'll do it in front of security cameras so he knows just exactly whose piss he was smelling. And why would you do that? Because the person was a state's witness in a hearing to suspend your license. Also, because you're likely insane.

The Keene Police Department launched an investigation into the incident on Aug. 14. Officials said a man urinated on the employee door of a dental office on Court Street, occupied by Dr. Wirant. A surveillance camera recorded the incident and police identified the suspect as Dr. Donald A. Holshuh.

Police said Wirant testified for the State of New Hampshire during a medical license suspension hearing against Holshuh.

Yep, this is what passes for a nearly half-a-year investigation in Keene, N.H. Pissing. But, then again, if this is what passes as retaliation, the police probably don't have much going on anyway.

[via WMUR 9]