Recently, the New York Observer uncovered a new problem plaguing rich people: their giant homes are simply too big.

Lord, hear their prayer:

  • "We have a living room and two guest bedrooms that we never use."
  • "Especially as people get older, they tend to just use the first three floors."
  • "The kids go to boarding school, and the parents end up living in the kitchen, the dining room and the den."
  • "We have a client in Carroll Gardens who is very concerned with how many footsteps it will take to go from the garden to the top level."
  • He laughed, admitting that his 4,500-square foot house was, in fact, a little large for his family of four.
  • "I realized I hadn't been up to my library in six months."
  • "My wife pointed out that neither of us had been to the parlor in the last three [months]."
  • "I haven't been [to that floor of my house] in a couple of years."
  • "Prized possessions, like a beloved boat sculpture, were stranded in neglected corners."
  • "And the only person who goes to the sixth floor is the maid."

Rich people: they're just like us. (They're drunk all the time and they say crazy things.)

[NY Observer // Image via Shutterstock]