You know the story: Boy films himself eating his own shit mixed with ice cream. Girl films herself sucking out the blood from her own tampon. Boy meets girl. Boy convinces girl to share the limelight. Boy and girl get Facebook married.

It's the classic love story.

Buffalo teen Giovanna Plowman gained international Internet infamy earlier this month after she uploaded a video to Facebook of herself appearing to pull out and then consume her own bloody tampon.

The video was soon ripped and uploaded to LiveLeak and YouTube, but the latter deleted it after a short while citing a terms of service violation (namely, seeking to bring about the end of civilization as we know it).

But, as everyone knows, you can't keep a good bloody-tampon-sucking video down, and Giovanna's infamy continued to expand — not unlike a bloody tampon.

Eventually the 15-year-old's notoriety became big enough to attract the attention of rival "performance artist" Dino Bruscia, another New York teen who gained minor viral success with a video of himself dining on a bowl of ice-cream mixed with his own feces.

"Still trying to overcome the fact a bitch who sends all her nude parts eats a tampon with blood out famed me in 1 day. #fuckisthat #bringit," Dino tweeted last week.

They were married later that day.

Well, kinda: In what some believe was an expedient decision on Dino's part, he and Giovanna decided to join his nearly 25,000 Facebook followers and her nearly 230k Facebook followers in unholy Facebook matrimony.

It's doubtful the two are married in real life, but, either way, they probably won't be a couple for long. It seems Giovanna may have found a third head for their Cerberus:

Who is this bitch who got fucked by a dog and sucked its dick? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as fuck and thats animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took shit to a whole new level!

[H/T: Uproxx, photos via Facebook]