Some cops play by the rules, others do not. Gerald Gibson is a narcotics officer in Philadelphia who allegedly does not play by the rules. He's also the son-in-law of Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett (pictured above). This should be fun.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Gibson has been placed on administrative leave after an FBI sting. In that sting, Gibson was reportedly told to search a vehicle. He was then observed via a hidden camera taking money from that car — the money, of course, was placed there by the FBI.

Details beyond that — like what Gibson did in the first place to arouse the suspicion of the FBI — have not yet trickled out, but the Philadelphia PD did acknowledge that one of their officers has been removed from duty.

Police are not naming Gibson as the officer, but they did send out a brief statement about the investigation late Thursday, explaining that an officer was removed from his duties after a joint investigation by the FBI and their Internal Affairs Unit. In their statement, the officer is not identified, police say, because he hasn't been arrested or charged with any crime.

This image of Gibson via NBC Philadelphia shows the officer just a few bodies down from Gov. Corbett during his inauguration.

He appears to be eying Corbett intently — or maybe he just spotted a wad of cash.

[via NBC Philadelphia, image via Getty]