Welcome to the weekend. A weekend we'll all spend huddled inside, guzzling boxed wine and praying the power doesn't go out because god forbid we're without Netflix for a few hours. That is, except for Cord, who'll probably be trail running while he double fists tacos or whatever they do in Los Angeles.

At least we'll have the warmth of your kind emails to keep us from freezing this weekend.

Let me guess, you're the kind of person who's upset there's no men's history month as well.

Subj: Girls Against Boys

Congratulations: your inept 'review' of GIRLS AGAINST BOYS is one of
the most worthless, ill-informed and badly written pieces of garbage
on the internet. No modern zero-budget F-movie is a 'discursive
lightning rod' or capable of becoming one; the days of CANNIBAL
HOLOCAUST and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT are long gone. You are worse than
clueless if you think vengeance has anything to do with 'finding a
voice' or if you can seriously use 'nuance' in a discussion of this
amateur crap. Your abysmal taste is inexcusable. You must be thirteen.

What's more, only a self-flagellating, dickless retard could ever
endorse such cheap filth or write anything like the words "wielding
their authority like it's a giant cock." If a man has no place making
a feminist movie in your turbo-lesbo-feminazi universe, obviously you
shouldn't have wasted your time adding yet more phallus to the
discourse. With a worldview like that, you have no Y chromosome. You
are a gender-bending anti-man.

If you're a woman named Rich, then my apologies, you're just another
awful proudly sexist bitch.

Classy place, Boston

Subj: My father was born in Charlestown, around 1904.... He knew half
the characters in The Town, and Bolger was his pal.

The Boston Irish!.... What a race... Mass and communion on Sunday,
and "bad stuff" the rest of the time....

When one would go away...to Concord Reformatory..... the phrase was
"Oh, Joe... he fell on hard times...."... meaning "10 to 20" years
worth of hard times.


I don't think anyone here has any desire to get anywhere near Tony Snow's ass.

Subj: Insulting Tony Snow

You wouldn't make a pimple on Tony Snow's ass.

For the record, Robert comes from an Old German name meaning "bright with glory." I don't plan on changing it, despite a lack of glory.

Subj: Hey your name is Rich

Your name is Rich. If you had no money will you change your name to
Poor? Because Rich is short for Richard, but the word "rich" also
means wealthy. The word "poor" is the opposite of the word "rich," so
it make it funny if you change it when you are out of money. This make
me bunt. Yups. So go fuck off and eat dog shit.

[Image by Jim Cooke]