In much the same way that countless volumes could be composed in ode to the beauty of a single snowflake, countless words could be written about one single Lena Dunham tweet. Well, not countless: 1,139 words.

Last week, Shayla Pierce wrote something about Lisa Lampanelli calling Lena Dunham her "nigga" and how that was stupid. And Lena Dunham, herself, personally, took to the Twitter to write: "@ShaylaDPierce Don't like the idea that my silence read to you as tacit approval. It wasn't."

Stop. Everything. Right. Now.

There are times, in the career of a writer, when all distractions must be cast aside; when friends, and family, and pets, and eating and drinking and breathing and other mundane accoutrements of the real world must take a backseat; when we, who live through the power of the written word, must take advantage of a moment of great inspiration and shut ourselves away from everything and create our art. One of those times is When Lena Dunham Says Something To You On The Twitter. At a moment such as that, a writer—a true writer—must be astute enough to momentarily step back from the trivialities that infect our busy minds, take a deep breath, and compose a 1,139-word essay entitled "Lena Dunham Tweeted Me And It Was A Big Deal And Now All I Wanna Do Is Watch 'The Walking Dead' On Netflix," for

In her essay, Pierce deftly captures the invigorating (and sometimes terrifying) emotional roller coaster that accompanies Lena Dunham Saying Something to You on Twitter. Though no piece of literature, no matter how profound, can truly reproduce the experience of Lena Dunham Saying Something to You on Twitter, Pierce brings the reader as close as possible to her mindstate, by taking a trip back in time, to last week:

Many people, both African American and otherwise, said the pieces I wrote last week spoke to them and for them in a way they found too complex to articulate themselves. That's my ultimate goal as a writer and my most important responsibility. It's the greatest compliment that any writer can receive.

My editors loved them, my colleagues and fellow writers loved them, and you guys, you fucking gorgeous and deliciously badass readers at xoJane loved them. (Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the wonderful compliments. I read every one. Glitter, kisses, and cupcakes to every last one of you.)

[This transports me back to the last blog post I wrote, which drew plaudits far and wide. A work of literary nonfiction recounting the compliments which I received will be published in the Spring of 2014 by HarperCollins.] Next comes the action that everyone is waiting for: Lena Dunham Says Something to Her on The Twitter. We will not attempt to reproduce her all of the ensuing dramatic turns and lessons learned—except, perhaps, this one, which is masterful—

3. I am not a nappy headed ho. OK. I'm just not. I'm damn sure nappy headed, but I ain't never been no ho. (And no, this is not me being critical of "hoes," just stating that I've never self identified as one. Please don't call me a slut shamer in the comments section over this. I will claw my own eyeballs out.)

—we will simply encourage all of you to take a moment today to read, and re-read, all 1,139 words to find out What It Was Like When Lena Dunham Said Something to Shayla on Twitter. (A big deal? We're not telling!) The essay can be found splashed conveniently atop the page at You can't miss it.

Pretty good attempt at shattering the record for XO Jane Self-Referentiality, but it's a high bar.

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