While over 100 prominent Republicans—including several Bush Romney advisors, two current U.S. representatives, and Meg Whitman—have signed an amicus brief backing the constitutionality of gay marriage, Marilyn Musgrave has not changed her mind. And she wants you to know that.

Earlier today, The New York Times reported that the former Colorado congresswoman had signed the brief supporting gay marriage. Shocking, because Musgrave had signed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in 2003, 2004, and 2006. It was her chief position, and a woman who never officially conceded her defeat in 2008 to Democrat Betsy Markey, does not give up.

Understandably, Musgrave was as surprised as anyone to read this news. Actually, the woman was downright befuddled. She spoke to FOX31 in Denver:

I'm very befuddled by this story. There's absolutely no truth to that. I'm reading it thinking, ‘what in the world?' I wasn't even aware of it. I have not changed my position. I'm trying to imagine where anyone would get that information and I can't figure it out.

But, as it turns out, Musgrave had never signed the amicus at all. Her district director signed it, for herself meaning she is still just as opposed to same-sex marriage as ever. Roger that.

[New York Magazine, image via Getty]