ABC's late-nineties, early-aughts spin-off of the British improvisational comedy show Whose Line is it Anyway? has been off the air for nearly ten years.

Repeats and myriad online clips have helped Whose Line? garner a cult following, and rumors of its impending return have been swirling for about as long as the show has been offline.

But now it seems a real reboot is truly in the offing.

What started with a casual tweet from Whose Line? regular Colin Mochrie announcing that "by the way, Whose Line is coming back," soon gave way to a confirmation from other regular Ryan Stiles that the show will indeed be reincarnated in April with comedian Aisha Tyler as host.

"Drew's not in it, so it's a lot funnier," Stiles told the Wenatchee World.

No word yet if the show's third primary performer, Wayne Brady, will be joining Stiles and Mochrie, as he is currently the host of another revived game show — Let's Make a Deal.

UPDATE: Deadline confirms that Wayne Brady will be returning for the new season of Whose Line?, and the revived show will air on The CW.