The "Knife Game Song" isn't all that new: It first appeared online way back in 2011, and even managed to garner over 100k views shortly after it appeared on YouTube.

Still, somewhere between then and now, interest in the Cups Cover from Hell died down, and it seemed that the "Knife Game Song" was one potentially lethal dare meme the Internet was content to sit out.

That is, until an unassuming teenager from Norway named Hanna Fylling Ellingseter managed to bring the five-finger-fad-that-never-was back from Oblivion with a twee rendition of the ill-advised "challenge."

The Ellingseter-assisted revival of the "Knife Game Song" has flooded the original version with views, more than doubling its count overnight.

Given the Internet's penchant for imitation and one-upmanship, the same will mostly likely be said about America's emergency rooms before too long.

[H/T: Reddit]