Florida Man, meet Drunk, Half-Naked Arkansas Woman: sometime Tuesday, 28-year-old Jamie Craft, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, allegedly went for drunken joyride in Jonesboro, Arkansas and crashed into a mobile home. Details are still sketchy now, but at some point between the crash and the arrival of the police, Craft reportedly took off her pants and attempted to flee the scene in what was apparently the only functional vehicle nearby: her son's battery powered Power Wheels truck.

Police said Craft was "pretty irate" when they caught up to her. They also noted her lack of pants and extreme drunkenness – her blood alcohol level was reportedly 0.217, nearly three times the legal limit.

Craft is facing a variety of charges, including disorderly contact, driving with a suspended license, and, presumably, a DUI.

[Image via KTLA 5]