Parents: when will they learn to, ugh, just give me the check mom, don't say anything? It's bad enough that the Wall Street Journal was able to cobble together enough material to even write this trend story on concierges that serve college students—the type of indulgence for the idle rich that can enrage young and old alike. But did mom have to go and talk about the birthday party?

Henry Smart likes golf okay, what's the big deal? I'm an adult now, mom.

Tensions brewed, for instance, when [Sue Battani, founder of "Cville Concierge"] organized a golf-themed 21st-birthday party for a student at University of Virginia-under orders from his mother in Epsom, England.

The mother, Lindsay Smart, says her son Henry was initially wary of the party plan, but "as it got nearer, I think he warmed to the idea." He directed her not to do anything "over the top," but otherwise gave little guidance on the event, which was for about 25 people.

"We were trying not to treat him like he was 5 years old," Ms. Battani says.

The concierge ordered floral arrangements for centerpieces, decorated the restaurant with golf-themed library books, commissioned a cake (topped with a picture of the student as a child) and created bookmark party favors with yet more childhood photos.

Props to Lindsay Smart for just putting her son's name out there like that. There's no room for shame in golf.

[WSJ. Photo: Cake Girl/ Flickr]