After a days-long manhunt for a suspect who plowed into a livery cab in a BMW, killing an expectant mother and her husband before fleeing, an ex-con named Julio Acevedo has turned himself in.

Acevedo has been on the run since early Sunday morning, when police say he crashed into the side of cab carrying Nachman and Raizel Glauber, a recently married young couple who were going to the hospital to get the pregnant and ill Raizel checked out. The cab driver survived with only minor injuries, but Raizel and Nachman died right away. On Monday, the Glaubers' baby, delivered three months prematurely, died also.

The New York Times reports that Acevedo, who was picked up by detectives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has served time previously for a 1987 killing and had a pending court date for a DUI charge. Acevedo told police that he was driving recklessly on the night of the hit and run in an effort to escape someone who had been shooting at him, but no witnesses have been able to corroborate his story. "There were no reports of gun shots in the area at that time," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told the Times.

[Image via CNN]