Crap purveyor Wal-Mart has been trying for years to build itself a store in New York City, one of the few places in America that doesn't already have 666 Wal-Mart locations. The company's had a surprisingly hard time of it, what with all the angry union members and grumbling liberals around here.

Now, Steven Greenhouse reports that consultants say Wal-Mart has "all but packed it up and left." They have given up on their plans for a Brooklyn store, for now. Too much opposition. Everyone here in power hates Wal-Mart. It's a novel situation.

Goodbye suckas.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, where the latest series of employee protests against Wal-Mart originated, the LAT reports that unions are pissed off at—you guessed it—Wal-Mart. As well as the state government of California! That's because the state is using Wal-Mart as a location where people can enroll in Obama's new government health care program, and unions object that, hey, don't partner with corporations that can't even provide decent wages benefits for their own employees.

That's a bit of a nitpicking complaint on the part of unions, we admit (since the outcome of "partnering" with WM would presumably be more people receiving their proper government health care benefits). The important point here, though, is that everyone everywhere hates Wal-Mart.

[Photo: AP]