Are you a Conservative Parent looking to send your child to a college where he or she can have at least one class free of that omnipresent liberal bias you've heard so much about? Then you're in luck! The University of Colorado, Boulder is finally getting its very own conservative professor.

The school is adding Steven Hayward, a former fellow at the Heritage Foundation, as a visiting scholar of "Conservative Thought and Policy" for one year. The made up position is, naturally, the first of its kind anywhere, and is entirely funded by donations from concerned conservative citizens like Denver banker Earl Wright.

"We want students to have a chance to understand a conservative, free-enterprise approach to public policy," Mr. Wright said. "I think it's underrepresented on the campus."

Sure. As for this Hayward, he considers himself something called a "green conservative" who thinks "environmentalism is too important to be left to environmentalists." He's written a two-volume biography of Ronald Reagan and a book called The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents: From Wilson to Obama, in which assigns letter grades to presidents (he gave Barack Obama a "provisional F"). He has plans to teach classes on free-market environmentalism and constitutional law.

"I think a lot of people are watching this around the country," [Hayward] said. "Other possible donors want to see if this actually adds something serious that is missing from the intellectual spectrum of the university or does it further politicize the campus. I'm hoping it's the former."

He may change his tune once his students trick him into eating pot brownies.

[Image via AP]