What did Vice President Joe Biden and newly-ensconced Pope Francis talk about in their brief conversation on the long receiving line following the new pope's first mass? It's probably best left to historians and Joe/Frank 'shippers (#Friden), but one imagines the working class came up, as it often does (we hear) in conversation with both Biden and the former Cardinal Borgoglio. It was a brief chat, in any event; 70-year-old Biden was polite enough to let the 76-year-old pope off the hook quickly (unlike, who was that, the wife of the President of Portugal? Who talked his ear off), and Francis continued his long meet and greet, which included Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, barred from EU travel but allowed in the Vatican. The mass that preceded the receiving line was short and simple, focused on the poor and the call to service; it drew a large (and loud) crowd to receive communion from priests carrying yellow umbrellas. If nothing else, Biden seemed to have a good time:

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