Here's a good reason to always do your homework on the people renting your East Hampton vacation home, if you're lucky enough to have one: Without the proper background check, your favorite couch might become permanently stained with semen. Such was the case, allegedly, for Brooklyn couple Stuart and Susan Silverman, who rented their vacation home last summer to a businessman by the name of Philip Wade. According to the Silvermans, Wade didn't disclose, exactly, what his plans for the home were, aside from saying he would hold a barbecue at the home for friends and family. As it turns out, that barbecue was actually an orgy-like party for a reality show called "pArty of 5," which features five days of partying in five different locations around the world.

As you might expect, the Silvermans were surprised to discover their home described on the internet as the "Vice Hamptons Crib," with accompanying photographs of women "in various stages of undress," as the Silverman's lawyer phrased it in the lawsuit. The pictures were taken during a 100-person party, which filled the couple's yard with 50 cars and featured security guards checking IDs

The pictures online combined with news of the party, the Silvermans claim, led to their being "viewed by the members of the community as running a house of ill repute."

Any hope to repair that image of "ill repute" was probably finished by the lawsuit's descriptions of the damages done to the couples furniture during the party, which have now been reported widely in the press.

"A very expensive couch has to be replaced, because, despite the Silvermans best effort to clean it, there were sperm stains that could not be removed," according to the complaint filed in Long Island Federal.

The couple is seeking $20,000 for various repairs to the home and missing silverware, plus unspecified compensation for damage to the home's lawn.

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