There was quite a bit of hate mail to sort through this week, but not to worry—one person who wrote in said that if we keep behaving in this way, we'll be out of business.

Regarding our reporting on Bill O'Reilly's divorce, people consider us to be "buzzards," "Left Wing bA%S&tARD#," "maggots," people with "nothing better to do."

Subject: Are you joining Media Matters trashing Bill O'rielly?
Body: Dear Gawker,
What type of publication to you go dig up divorce records on the left? Why don't you focus your attentions on Where the witnesses from Bengazi have been hidden or on the immigration reforms in writing so the people can read these for themselves. What about the 600 million contract given by Nancy Pelosi to her husbands company. I dont under stand you all. Do you believe in decency or just trying to dig up dirt on the party you are against the pillars of the community. I am sure you had alot to trash Sarah Palin. Why would anyone give a rats ass about Bill O'Reilly? I don't ! But character assasination and aiding in covering up impeachable offences our President may be guilty of.? Your kind of journalist are like buzzards and maggots. May God save your soul.

Subject: O'Rreilly story
Body: Where people get these stories is beyond me. Bunch of nasty nonsense. Nothing better to do than dig up dirt.

Body: You Left Wing bA%S&tARD# just keep doing what you're doing and soon you'll be out of business.

Not positive about what this is in regards to—could be the disclosure of an email address—but also it mentions tea?

Subject: Fat, Blowhard Author
Body: Ya know, if I didn't know better I would think that you are a card-carrying member of the Liberal, Elitist left. By the way, exactly how do you earn $$$ to support your useless life and pay for the equipment you use to be one of those "hater" people?
Got something against tea?

A multi-volume exchange about some fact-checking regarding Civil War benefits. Watch for Caity's increasingly lovely sign-offs.

Subject: civil war benefits
Body: You're a little late reporting on the 86 year old woman getting Civil War survivor's benefits. The benefits stopped when she was 18....68 years ago. Oh well. Fact checking be damned. It only ruins a "good" story. News reporting seems to be only repeating gossip and other things one has heard but not checked into. Goebbels as right: make the lie a big one and repeat in often enough and peole will think it's true because they "heard it somewhere". Get another line of work, Caity.

The 86 year old woman you reference stopped receiving benefits when she was 18 and is not mentioned in the Gawker story. The surviving children of two other veterans continue to receive benefits.
Have a wonderful day!

But all benefits stop at 18 unless the person is handicapped. Are the two others handicapped since before 18?

There's an article about this on that I believe would answer many of your questions.
Have a blessed day!


Some opinions about Michael Jackson's children.

Subject: racism
Body: Many children are born through IVF or sperm donation. The parents who wanted the children, are named on the birth certificates and are raising the children are without question the parents of those children. I know women who have given birth to kids from another women's egg. I know men whose wives were impregnated by sperm donation, because their sperm counts were too low. I can't imagine anyone questioning the logic that the children born to them are in fact their children. We all know cases like this. Why is it different with Michael Jackson? Why aren't the children he wanted, was proudly namedas the father of, and raised since birth, his own children?
Aren't what you are really saying is this: what is a black man doing with white children?

That was all the hate mail for the week. Enjoy your weekend!