After Dropkick Murphys bass player/singer Ken Casey made it abundantly clear that neo-Nazis are "not fucking welcome" at his band's concerts, the neo-Nazis are apparently responding in kind.

Late last week, the band posted a screenshot to its official Twitter account showing one of several threatening emails they've received since Casey and others forcibly removed a sieg heil-ing skinhead from the stage during a St. Patrick's Day concert, warning them not to perform in Australia or risk the wrath of local neo-Nazis "who would love to kick your ass."

As part of a recently announced series of concerts, the Dropkick Murphys are set to make several stops in Australia starting this Saturday.

The band has yet to officially address the Terminal 5 altercation, but has also made no indication that it plans to shore up security given the threats it's received in the altercation's aftermath.

[screengrab via YouTube, email via Twitter]