A photo allegedly showing an infant child locked inside a car in New Zealand has shocked many, but police say they don't intend to investigate the matter any further.

Eyewitnesses say the baby was left alone inside a parked car near a supermarket along with a note telling passers-by to contact the mother with any problems.

"[The note] was written from the baby's perspective," a witness told the New Zealand Herald, "and it said, 'My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything', and it had the cellphone number."

According to the unidentified man, two other passers-by called the mother and waited by the car for her to show up.

Despite sufficient proof to charge the mother with a crime, a national police spokeswoman said the incident would not be investigated as none of the witnesses have come forward to file a formal complaint.

"We don't know who the people are, we don't know the phone number, we don't know where to start," said Annie Coughlan. "We would launch an investigation if we could but at this stage no one's come forward."

A local police rep told the Herald that, even if someone were to come forward, it's unlikely the mother would be charged.

"[Incidences like this] need to be taken on their merits and often it's a mum that's run into a shop, for example, and is only away for five minutes," said Porirua police Senior Sergeant Justin Rakena. "Absolutely [it should be reported to police], but it doesn't mean to say we'd prosecute. I would suggest the majority of people in that situation aren't prosecuted."

[photo via Facebook]