Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are the two identical twins from whom Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook while they were all students at Harvard, in order to get rich and have sex with women, as depicted in the 100% true documentary The Social Network. The only reason anyone has heard of the Winklevii is because of their constant whinging and carrying on and winning multimillion dollar settlements over Mark Zuckerberg's betrayal. But now they would like to move on from their storied role as the world's most successful losers.

So the Winklevoss appeared in The New York Times in a Styles profile this weekend that was only... roughly 50% about the fact that owe their fame and most of their wealth to being screwed over by Mark Zuckerberg. They are totally over it. ("It" being, spending many years and millions of dollars suing and re-suing Facebook in order to avoid the realization that they got utterly schooled by Mark Zuckerberg.)

Now the Winklevii are embarking on new adventures that have nothing to do with Facebook, like investing in tech companies that they hope might be the "next Facebook," since, you may remember from The Social Network, they were weaseled out of the real Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. And they just opened a 5,000 square ft. office in the Flatiron District, which happens to be just down the street from Facebook's 150,000 square ft. New York office.

Will the Winkelvoss twins be able to emerge from out of Facebook's shadow? We'll have to wait and see if Mark Zuckerberg steals any of their new ideas, because that's the only way anyone will write about them again.

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