Purveyor of celebrity-themed puns and hybrid creatures, street artist Hanksy has adorned Los Angeles with yet another creative cast of characters. As a sort of antithesis to the serious sanctimoniousness of some street art, Hanksy prefers to make jokes that involve Will Ferrell Cats or Nicolas Cage Against the Machine.

Hanksy was taken in by the police just as he added the finishing touches onto the Weird Gal Yankovic design—though the police were reportedly delighted by the pun and took lots of photographs as they handcuffed the street artist. Hansky is preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery1988 in LA, which opens May 24.

Scroll down for an abundant offering of the jokester's latest inventions, including a ferociously overjoyed Ghost-Buster Bluth, hook and all.

Pee-Wee Merman with a gingham tail, obviously.

DJamie Foxx looking mildly displeased.

Toe-bias Fünke. Did anyone else see Walter Egg White for half a second? I mean, it's a toe for sure, this was just a momentary lapse.

The Walken Dead, although I will point to you to my favorite Walken pun, here.

Flock of Segels. That man always looks so happy to be where he is.

Weird Gal Yankovic. Eh.

The Whizard of Oz. That would be one James Franco, apparently giggling on a toilet seat.

[Hansky, image via Jared Soule]