A district court in Sweden determined that a 23-year-old woman was subjected to "serious provocation" before slapping a man for allegedly grabbing her ass, but found her guilty of assault nonetheless.

The 23-year-old maintains that she acted in self-defense when she slapped the 27-year-old butt-touching suspect last Summer at a nightclub in Lund, but the Lund District Court decided that her physical retort — which was apparently strong enough to break the man's nose — was too lopsided to constitute self-defense.

The man had sued the woman, demanding $3,800 in damages, but the court reduced the amount to $286 in addition to a fine of $380.

The woman was also given a suspended sentence.

"This goes to show that it's okay for guys to grab girls any way they want," the woman told the local Metro paper.

[H/T: Arbroath, photo via Shutterstock]