Alexis Wright plead guilty to prostitution on Friday, ending a truly entertaining scandal that shocked the small vacation town of Kennebunk, Maine. Her guilty plea avoids a high-profile trial that would have probably included even more sex videos, bawdy details, and further embarrassment to the johns of the closely-knit town. Of course, Gawker posted several of those pornographic videos a few months ago, and here's a link to them! The names of the johns were also released during the criminal proceedings.

Wright's accomplice, Mark Strong, was sentenced to 20 days in jail after being found guilty of counts related to prostitution. During his trial, the jury was memorably asked to watch a 45-minute sex video. Wright now faces a possible sentence of 10 months and will have to possibly pay a restitution of $57,250 to the state. 66 people have been charged as clients of Wright, with the state intending to pursue even more names on her ledger.

And so concludes an extremely enjoyable Zumba-related sex scandal. May we be blessed with another.