A district attorney in north Texas was shot along with his wife Saturday, their deaths coming only a few weeks after a prosecutor in the same district attorney's office was shot and killed outside the county courthouse.

The door of district attorney Mike McLelland, 63, was kicked in and both he and his wife Cynthia were shot, however no further details have been released by the police at this time. They are currently searching for the killer. Police are also still looking for the killer of Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney who was shot while leaving his car in front of the Kaufman County courthouse on January 31st. Authorities have not said whether the killings were connected, but are not ruling it out either. Investigators had been looking into whether the Aryan Brotherhood was involved in Hasse's killing.

Police were also looking into connections between Hasse's death and the shooting of a Colorado prison official, Tom Clements, who was shot in the chest as he answered his doorbell. Police believe white supremacist Evan Spencer Ebel was behind his killing. Ebel was killed in a shootout with police only 100 miles from Kaufman County.

Police are expected to release more details about the killings later today.