As we've noted before, it's possible we'll all die from the bird flu. That established, here's some cheery news — At least two people have died in China after contracting a strain of the bird flu that previously hadn't affected humans.

So far the strain, H7N9, has infected three people. Two men, 27 and 87 years old and from Shanghai, died in March after being infected in February and a third victim, a 35-year-old woman from Chuzhou, remains critically ill after becoming infected in early March.

As of now, it's not clear how the three became infected, though China's National Health and Family Planning Commission said the victims' paths had never crossed. The commission also said that none of the victims' friends or family had shown any signs of infection.

For those hypochondriacs out there: According to Chinese health authorities, the victims' early symptoms included a cough and a fever; they then escalated into pneumonia and breathing problems and, in two of the cases, death.

Anyway, Happy Easter! Hope Game of Thrones was as good as everyone hoped.

[Image via AP]