Easter. A time associated with family, church, and, if you're lucky, a day off from work. But what Christ-honoring holiday would be complete without a bloody brawl between overly competitive mothers at an Easter Egg hunt? Thankfully, two moms in Seattle stepped in to fill this year's void.

The fight started Sunday afternoon at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, when one mother reportedly shoved a child so her own kid could reach a cluster of easter eggs first. Naturally, the mother of the shoved child was unamused; she reportedly punched the child-pushing mother in the face. A brawl between the two ensued.

"The shoving sparked a confrontation between the first woman (the supposed shover) and the second child's mother, who began fighting and had to be separated three or four times," [Seattle police spokesman Jonah] Spagenthal-Lee said in a statement. "The brawl left the first woman with a bloody nose."

In addition to the fighting, there was, unsurprisingly, considerable cursing between the women, which, combined with the violence, caused the children at the event – most of whom were 4-to-6 years old – to start crying.

The second woman (the face puncher) fled the scene before police arrived. The first woman (the child pusher with the bloody nose) refused to cooperate with police, saying she wasn't interested in pressing charges.

Not quite as Christ-like as a Chinese hipster baby smoking a cigarette but close.