Former Democratic strategist Karen Finney, who was once the first African-American spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, was revealed today to be the new host of a 4 p.m. weekend show on MSNBC. Good for her, and good for MSNBC, which adds Finney, pictured at left, to an already diverse roster of talking heads that includes Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Al Sharpton.

Don't mention Finney's race to Tim Graham, however. Graham, a so-called media "watchdog" for the conservative Media Research Center, doesn't think it's fair for MSNBC to herald Finney's entrance as an arrival of another African-American host—y'know, considering her skin is so light and all:

Thank god for right-wing white dudes clarifying who does and doesn't qualify as black, and for basing their opinion on literally the shade of a person's skin.

I suppose we can at least celebrate the fact that Graham didn't ponder as to whether Finney is "a quadroon"—at least not yet.

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