The bidding started at $9,000 for an already used toothbrush formerly wielded by one Buzz Aldrin while in space. The auction house selling a variety of space-related memorabilia estimates that prices could reach $24,000 for this 6.5 inch piece of plastic "used throughout the mission, including in the Lunar Module Eagle while on the moon." With two weeks left to bid, there is lots of room for a possible bidding war for Aldrin's tooth cleaner. As of now, someone has thrown down $10,755, presumably in order to yell: "I own you!"

A signed armrest from Apollo 17 is also available to any interested parties. This unwitting piece of furniture was part of the "last manned lunar landing to date and the mission where the most time logged on the moon." So this armrest in "very fine condition with expected light wear and minor soiling" has probably spent more time on the our little moon than any other armrest. Its parents must be thrilled.

Other items to purchase a childhood toy tin plane belonging to Neil Armstrong, Armstrong's awesome actual space suit, Mission Command pilot Richard Gordon's signed hair-comb, forty-year-old packets of space brownies and space peaches worth an estimated $5000 to $1,500 respectively, probably not for consuming but for continually admiring.

[Wired, image via Historical Auctions]