That headline says it all, really. But in case you want to know more: In early February, Daniel Anaya, a former shoe salesman in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly bit part of his ex-girlfriend's toe to the bone. That wasn't the first time he'd bitten her toe, according to the ex; in November of 2012, she broke up with him after he bit her other big toe. The incident resulted the aforementioned charges (which were later dismissed after a witness failed to appear in court) and a restraining order from the ex-girlfriend against Anaya.

The restraining order and a move to Albuquerque weren't enough to deter Anaya, though. He reportedly showed up at his ex's new home, screaming, and forced his way inside, where he attacked her big toe again, first biting it and then attempting to sever it with a cigar cutter.

After a struggle, Anaya, according to the warrant, straddled his ex-girlfriend, removed her shoe and sock and "put her toe in his mouth." The warrant states he began biting her right big toe "then produced what [his ex-girlfriend] described as a silver circular or oval metal object that had a blade in the center."

The ex-girlfriend did fight back, however, eventually causing Anaya to flee.

She apparently was able to obtain a fork and began stabbing Anaya repeatedly in the back of his neck and his upper back with it.

"But she had no effect on Daniel," the warrant states. She dropped the fork and proceeded to "scratch or gouge his eyes."

Those wounds (which you can see in the mug shot above) were bad enough for Anaya to seek medical treatment at a hospital once he returned to Santa Fe, where he was arrested. He faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking and assault.

"It's a bizarre case," said Santa Fe police spokeswoman Celina Westervelt.

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