When Colorado's prisons chief was shot in the face last month and a Texas prosecutor was gunned down with his wife in their house last weekend—the second such assassination of a Lone Star DA since January—you could have looked at any number of suspects:

1) Random bad people.

2) Rogue Obama-controlled Black Panthers engaging in a sophisticated false-flag operation whose end result is full confiscation of guns, the imposition of Sharia Law, and U.N.-sponsored bike lanes.

3) Messicans!

4) The Aryan Brotherhood, a prison diaspora of maladjusted white guys who've made an art of murders, gun-running, and dog-fighting rings from the comfort of their solitary cells since 1964.

Investigators of the law-enforcement killings are focusing on the latter group, which seems prudent, since ABC News yesterday unearthed a December 2012 police bulletin warning officers that "high ranking members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas are involved in issuing orders to inflict 'mass casualties or death'" on lawmen.

The Brotherhood's gambit appears to have succeeded: The US attorney prosecuting 34 members of the gang in Houston withdrew from the case Tuesday, reportedly over security concerns.

But despite the fact that it's been a proven killing machine with a race fetish for nigh on half a century, the Aryan Brotherhood (the "Brand," among people trying to sound cool) hasn't quite gotten the heap of opprobrium from Americans that we reserve for Al Qaeda and women who defend birth control. Perhaps it's because the Brand (#aryanbrotherhood) operates chiefly out of the US penal system, which is something akin to Vegas in the law-abiding American imagination: What goes on in supermax stays in supermax.

Perhaps it has to do with America's general policy of giving angry white guys a mulligan, because freedom isn't free, but is rather secured through the vigorous waving of Obama-monkey signs by gun-caressing mostly Anglo mostly male patriots who are constantly fighting the fascist government's attempts to label them terrorists.

Whatever the reason, it's time for us to get back to the heady days of McVeigh and Nichols, when we were unafraid to call murderous white assholes terrorists and rain potassium chloride injections on their jihad. According to New Yorker reporter David Grann's detailed investigation, the Aryan Brotherhood

established drug-trafficking, prostitution, and extortion rackets in prisons across the country. Its leaders, often working out of barren cells in solitary confinement, allegedly ordered scores of stabbings and murders. They killed rival gang members; they killed blacks and homosexuals and child molesters; they killed snitches; they killed people who stole their drugs, or owed them a few hundred dollars; they killed prison guards; they killed for hire and for free; they killed, most of all, in order to impose a culture of terror that would solidify their power.

Sounds like a terror group to me. All we need to do is find a prosecutor who's unafraid. And bulletproof.