North Korea's overseers are getting all huffy again, but like for real this time: longwindedly declaring war on South Korea (even though the first one never technically ended), moving missile launchers around, and warning, like an overeager college freshman in extremis: "The moment of explosion is approaching fast."

Oops! In all this "do-or-die battle" craziness, the supreme leader's minions forgot to secure the passwords for their Twitter, Flickr, and other propaganda websites. The hacktivists at Anonymous took 'em down Thursday, swapping the communist country's avatar for a pair of masked tango dancers:

After commandeering North Korea's social media accounts and DDOSing its official news sites, the hackers reportedly posted a claim of responsibility for the attack to Pastebin. Though its veracity couldn't be immediately confirmed, its entertainment value could:

@ Kim Jong-un
You just went full retarded! Never go full retarded.
We feel really sorry for your suffering of TDS
(aka "tiny dick syndrome") but be assured, threatening the
world with your nukes won't make it any better at all.
If you had finally opened up your country for the
real internet, you would have already seen over 9000 ads for
products devoted to solve your problem.

What does Anonymous want? According to an earlier warning on, they want no nukes, Kim Jong Un's resignation, free elections, and "uncensored internet access for all the citizens!"

Is this the sort of third-party intervention that could push North Korea's brinksmanship into full war mode? Or should we have faith that a totalitarian nation that can't secure its Twitter probably needs to MacGyver its ballistic missile guidance systems with half a potato and the innards of a smuggled Tamagotchi? The only thing we know for sure is: The Democratic People's Republic needs to replace its recently deceased social media manager. J-school students, check for the listing on

[Image via AP]