A Russian man who reportedly tricked his ex-wife into detonating a homemade explosive device on herself says he did so in an effort to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation.

Investigators in Kursk say the unidentified ex-husband sent the 39-year-old victim an anonymous note instructing her to pick up a package from a nearby forest that would contain "the documents needed to settle her father's financial problems."

The man then reportedly hooked up the package to a makeshift bomb that exploded as soon as it was lifted.

The woman suffered multiple broken bones and lost one whole finger and part of a second one. The alleged perpetrator was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The Investigative Committee said in a statement that the man claims he set up the ruse in order to win the woman back, hoping the trauma of the incident would lead her to believe "that he is her sole protector."

The two divorced in October 2010 at the woman's request.

[H/T: Geekosystem, photo via Shutterstock]