Everyone knows there's literally nothing to do in Boston except get drunk (two of Time Magazine's Top 10 Things to Do in Boston involve looking at bodies of water). So maybe that's why cops are being so lenient to those who decide to get obliterated in the city.

The Boston Globe reports that police made only 211 drunk driving arrests last year. That's down by a third since 2009.

Some people believe that might be because Bostonians are drinking less. And Boston cops point out that the very nature of the city leads fewer people to drive drunk - Boston has sidewalks, and a couple of trains.

Other, more rational people, know that can't possibly be true. In addition to consistently being ranked as the Drunkest City in the Nation, experts also point out that other "walkable" cities have many more drunk driving arrests per year. In Washington D.C., which has almost the exact same population as Boston, cops arrested 1,633 people for drunken driving last year. Denver, which is even smaller than Boston, had 3,000 drunk driving arrests last year.

One possible theory for the drop? Boston cops are too busy focusing on more important crime-fighting techniques, like going undercover as awesome punk rockers.

[Image via AP]