Maybe he was putting it off all week, but a man waiting in line to apply for a passport in Manhattan became so frustrated on Friday that he escaped through a fire exit and then climbed into the ceiling of another floor.

The Post is reporting that an unidentified man came to a Varick Street Federal office to apply for a passport just before 5:00 PM on Friday. Soon after arriving however, the man became disturbed (we assume a healthy mix of the irksome process, the proximity to quitting time, and how nothing can ever gets done on Fridays). He freaked out, ran through a fire exit, and got into an elevator. Once at the 12th floor (because the ceiling of the 13th is, obviously, haunted), the man removed ceiling tiles, climbed into the ceiling, and there hid from authorities.

A spokeswoman for Federal Protective Services told The Post, "I don't know how, but somehow he got himself into the ceiling tiles. Our officers approached the individual . . . and got him out and arrested him."

The man was then taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Maybe they should just check the "rough week" box and let the guy get some rest. Or he should mail in his passport application next time (if he qualifies, ughhh — it's a frustrating process).