For the past few years, the only thing preventing Williamsburg babies from sleeping soundly at naptime was their crippling #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). A sleeping baby can't check out Mateo's great new loft space. A sleeping baby can't purchase a $4 locally brined pickle.

Now, though, the babies' naps are being interrupted a foe even more disruptive than their neuroses: power tools.

DNAinfo reports that construction on Williamsburg waterfront's Giant Luxury FutuRoboCondo Development is already scarring the childhoods of the children who will one day play in its curiously-shaped shadow.

"It's annoying to be outside with a baby, it's loud and dusty," said Northside Piers condo resident Vanessa Vellucci, who said construction has put a damper on spring walks with her 1-year-old Angelo and that it recently ruined his naps.

The babies, all of whom have recently moved from independent planned communities located inside their mothers, were dismayed to discover that in Williamsburg all incoming noises are not muffled through a layer of skin, muscle, and amniotic fluid, and also you're not just warm and sort of floating all the time, and also it's very bright. Many have privately expressed a desire for the neighborhood's economic growth to stall, so that they might sleep until Dora in peace.

Their mothers, meanwhile, have taken to modifying their Mommy-baby walktime routes so that they don't pass through areas where construction is under way. One woman said she avoids the noise outside her condo by taking her baby to a nearby cafe for naps, which is a great way to teach your child normal restaurant behavior.

DNAinfo has a comprehensive photo gallery of noise-plagued mothers posing next to their babies, if you need a refresher on what ladies and babies look like.

[DNAinfo // Image via Shutterstock]