A married South Carolina man who was arrested for solicitation of prostitution told police he went looking for sex because he was having trouble at home.

His troubles may multiply after his wife learns that he paid for the prostitute with the money he got after pawning his wedding ring.

The incident report states that Greenwood Police officers were patrolling a neighborhood "known for prostitution and drug activity" when they came across Marvin Holmes II (AKA Marvin Holmes III) driving down Butler St. with a woman familiar to officers from previous prostitution arrests.

Holmes told the officers he picked up 41-year-old Rhonda Kelley and the two drove to Apache Pawn, where they traded in Holmes' ring for $20.

According to Holmes, Kelley used the money to purchase crack at a nearby crack house, and then proceeded to smoke the rock inside his car before the two "messed around" for a while.

Holmes claims he couldn't complete the transaction because Kelley "wasn't acting right," so he decided to abort the date and drive Kelley back to her corner.

Which is when the two were stopped by police.

Kelley was subsequently arrested for solicitation of prostitution and simple possession of marijuana.

In addition to the prostitution charge, Holmes was also found to be driving without a license and was charged with driving under suspension.

[mug shots via Greenwood Police Dept]