A horrific accident in Palm Harbor, Florida left a two-and-a-half year old girl a triple amputee. The girl's father was driving his riding lawn mower down his driveway when his daughter crossed in front of him, apparently slipping and falling. The girl's mother attempted to flag the father down and yelled for him to stop, but couldn't be heard over the engine. The father then accidentally ran the girl over, reportedly dragging her down the driveway and into the street before he noticed what he'd done.

The girl instantly lost both of her legs below the knees and part of one hand. According to police, the father immediately wrapped her in a blanket and called 911. The girl was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital, where's she's being treated for her injuries. Her parents travelled with her and, as you might expect, are currently being treated for hysteria.

[Image via ABC Action News]