Well, if it wasn't his lucky belt buckle before, it certainly is now.

A Philadelphia grocery store employee says he was on his way out the door with a hand truck when someone on the street started shooting.

"I went outside and heard the shots and I hit the floor," said 38-year-old Bienvenido Reynoso.

Bullet kept whizzing by for several long moments, one even striking a pound cake that was just above Reynoso's head.

Once the shootout subsided, Reynoso figured he had survived and got up. Little did he know he had come within a literal inch of an entirely different outcome.

It wasn't until later, when someone pointed out to him that he had a hole in his shirt, that Reynoso noticed something sticking out of his belt buckle.

That something turned out to be a bullet.

"I am born [again] today," Reynoso told WPVI-TV.

Reynoso wasn't the only one spared by fate that day.

According to Action News, the store owner had planned to distribute free water ice to help neighborhood kids cool down on a warm Spring day but was a few minute late to arrive.

The shootout wasn't all happy endings, however: One man was shot in the stomach and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

No arrests have yet been made, but police say the incident is still under investigation.

[screengrabs via ABC Action News]