A man in Lincoln, Nebraska was brutally beaten by a bus driver after asking the driver a question about the route of the bus. The video of the attack, which was released by the City of Lincoln, shows a 40-year-old man asking the driver a question. After a brief pause, the bus driver screams at the man about asking the question, and then proceeds to stop the bus and pummel the passenger, before savagely dragging him out of the bus and into the road.

The driver, Troy Fischer, phoned his dispatcher before the attack, which happened on March 23rd, about the apparently unruly passenger. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that the driver was instructed "to tell the passenger to get off the bus or he would contact police." The driver then took matters into his own hands.

After the attack, Fischer asked his supervisor "not to watch the tape and whether he can erase the footage." Taking this as a pretty clear sign that something bad had happened, his supervisor pulled him off the road. After an investigation by the city, Fischer was fired. Fischer has also been cited for misdemeanor assault.

"Mr. Fischer's actions are reprehensible," Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department Director Miki Esposito on Friday. "This type of behavior is not, cannot and will not be tolerated by the city of Lincoln."

Investigators have been unable to track down the man assaulted on the video.