Charismatic criminal Redoine Faid escaped from prison on Saturday, after a "brazen" breakout from a French penitentiary that including holding four guards at gunpoint, and then detonating a series of explosives that blasted through five doors and led him to freedom. His whereabouts are now unknown.

Faid, who is something of a celebrity in France, evolved from a petty thief to a theatrical killer, one time sporting a hockey mask à la Michael Mann's Heat. He would often attack armored trucks, and was about to stand trial in the death of a 26-year-old policewoman.

Having spent a decade in prison before, Faid became popular on the French talk show circuit, vowing to stay away from crime. He wrote an autobiography "Robber: From Suburbs to Organized Crime," which detailed his rise to the top of international wanted lists. In 2011, he found himself back in jail.

"He is remarkably intelligent, and he is using his intellect to serve his ambitions," his lawyer told French media. "(And Faid) cannot stand being imprisoned anymore."

No one was injured in Faid's escape. A European arrest warrant covering 26 countries has been issued for Faid, with Interpol assisting on the case as well. Police say he is armed, and still probably has his explosives.